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No1.Love Guru in India

Love Guru in India is there to help you get solutions and best result. No1.Love Guru in India know that astrology is not defiantly, "a product of human imagination", it was experimental, researched and experienced through the ages by many different people from different civilizations throughout the world. So this is not an art. Love Guru in India do not want to call Astrology love as a science, because of their inability to keep an open mind to study and test the knowledge, they only test a part of Astrology (ie Sun sign), and then claim that astrology is not a science. After all Astrology love is more knowledge of science and it does not need the label of Sciences to survive, it has survived without all these millennia and will do in the future. Astrology therefore is neither an art nor science.

No1.Love Guru in India says that astrology love allows us to recognize the correctness of any kind person. Astrology word is derived from two Greek words, "Astra", he says Stars & "Logos" Understanding the logic or study. A doctor of astrology is called an astrologer, or a Astrologist, in Russia they are called Cosmo Biologists and India as Miya Molana.